Science Guide | How to buy travel insurance when traveling abroad?


Mostly everyone is afraid that accidents happen to themselves during their trip. Although some people are used to buying travel insurance, many of them don’t know how to use it when emergencies occur. Today, I will teach you how to buy travel insurance.


Five high-risk travel insurance coverage

The protection liability of overseas travel insurance is more complicated than that of illness insurance and medical insurance, and it is often an insurance combination composed of several insurance clauses.

1. Rescue service guarantee

We have heard of many travel accidents, such as huge earthquake and capsized boat, both of which are distressing. When going out, if there is a risk, time is life, so timely rescue, post-rescue transfer, and treatment are extremely important.

2. Accidental injury and medical treatment

Unacceptable conditions and accidental injuries are common in foreign countries. The level of medical care varies from place to place, and the cost of medical care varies. We do not have medical protection in the local area, and we cannot make social insurance reimbursements. So we have to suffer all losses by ourselves.

3. Travel obstruction guarantee

Before we set off, we usually plan our itinerary in advance, and book hotels, air tickets in advance. However, once flight delays, luggage delays, etc. occur, the planned itinerary is often disrupted.

4. Personal property protection, bank card theft

Mainly due to public security problems in various places, it is very common to be stolen in tourism.

Insurance companies have certain requirements for compensation in this area. It does not meant that you will definitely get the compensation after being stolen or robbed:

1. Report the case as soon as possible after being stolen or robbed, and keep the report receipt form.

2. Report the lost bank card after being stolen or robbed.

3. The bank card is stolen within 48 hours.

If documents and other materials are stolen or robbed, such as passports, they can only be re-applied at the local embassy. Therefore, the transportation expenses or accommodation expenses caused by these reasons can be compensated according to the loss protection of travel documents. The compensation standard for accommodation expenses is generally a three-star hotel standard.

5. Personal/pet liability protection

Traveling abroad and being unfamiliar with the place of life, you may cause physical or property losses to others due to your own carelessness.



1. Travel insurance must be purchased before setting out, and domestic travel insurance purchased after leaving the country is invalid.

2. Save the insurance company’s reporting phone number before traveling, and contact the company as soon as any accident occurs.

3. Travel insurance does not provide protection for war-torn countries or regions.