You should know this to get started in stock trading.


Some novice speculators will even invest all their assets once they find a potential stock, which is a practice that must be eliminated. After all, for retail investors, you can't just throw your money away, but leave some assets to yourself as a margin of manoeuvre, otherwise, if you fail, you will lose everything. For working people, if you put too many assets, it is likely to have a lot of psychological pressure, and negative emotions will largely affect the investor's analysis of the market judgment, and finally, the money likely hit the water. There are often speculation experts who say that buying and selling stocks should be fast in and fast out. Buying and selling stocks does not have to be fast unless you go to the extremes of the stock, many times in the plate fast in and fast out is wrong. Stocks should be analyzed after hours in advance so that we have a basis for when we enter and exit.


Some people like to operate ultra-short-term, even the day just bought the stock the next day in a hurry to sell. This is pure speculation and often does not yield good returns. After all, a good stock needs a period to see the trend, if a short period to buy and sell, it is almost no benefit outside, if this stock after some time began to rise very well, then the investor will regret it.

The rise and fall of the stock market are unpredictable, so there is no constant winner in the stock market, let alone a true stock god, there are only some stock commentators with unique insights and analytical skills or investors with considerable experience and exposure. Therefore, even the experience and guidance of successful stock speculators is best not to completely imitate, after all, the scenario is different, and only the investor himself to judge the stock is the most useful.

In the stock market, there are always all kinds of rumours, and none of these gossip is verified, so the vast majority of them are not true, so it is still necessary to make an informed choice based on your own experience. Some investors always want to buy at the lowest price and sell at the highest price and are obsessed with maximizing profits. Some investors like to pursue huge profits and always want to take all the profits of a stock, and the result is often back and forth to the elevator. The right way to make money is to strive for the most possible profits and to grow steadily.


In the down market, investors are often set serious, huge losses on the books, some investors are eager to recover losses, arbitrarily increase the frequency of operation, or invest more money. This approach is not only futile but also aggravates the degree of loss. In the case of a weaker trend, investors should operate less or not operate, patiently waiting for the trend to warm up, the trend is clear before intervening.